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Tools to Make an EO Life Easier: Dropper Tops

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Today’s post in the series “Tools to Make an EO Life Easier” is about dropper tops. This handy tool is often called many things like an eye dropper, glass pipette, dropper cap, glass tube with a rubber bulb, etc. We are going to refer to it as a dropper top.


Have you ever wondered how to get oil inside a capsule without oil dripping down the side and all over your fingers? Well, this dropper top is the way to go! Bonus hint: If you tend to take the same essential oil formula in capsules, then the simplest way to make up capsules is to create a custom blend in a new bottle with a dropper top. Fill half of the bottle with your customized essential oil blend; then fill the rest of the bottle with a carrier oil that can be ingested like olive oil. The carrier oil helps dilute the essential oils a little for easier digestion.

These handy dropper caps also make filling samples like the 1/4 dram and 5/8 dram sample bottles a breeze! Simply suction some oil up in the glass tube, and then release it into a sample vial for a mess-free filling.

Dropper tops are the EO cook’s best friend! Because essential oils are very potent, a small amount goes a long way, and sometimes that accidental 2nd drop can make a big difference. But, if you have dropper tops on your cooking oils (or get these cute little sample dropper bottles to take up less space), you can get the exact number of drops you need for your recipe. Also, as another bonus, the dropper top is easier to remove than the standard orifice reducer and cap when you need to just dip a toothpick into the oil bottle. Win-win!

We offer bottles with dropper tops in many different sizes as well as the dropper tops alone. This one fits a standard 15 ml bottle if you just want to replace your current bottle cap.

If you have old dropper tops, you can convert them into a neat diffuser like this Candlewick Room Diffuser.

What are ways you use a dropper top?

One thought on “Tools to Make an EO Life Easier: Dropper Tops

  1. Thank you for these awesome ideas and treats. People are so creative and we’re blessed to share in those marvels.
    Happy Oiling,
    The Watters


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