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Essential Oil Spotlight: Lemon

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Lemon Fruit

Lemon essential oil is cold-pressed from the rind of Citrus limon.

Historically, lemon was used to fight food poisoning, malaria, typhoid epidemics, and scurvy and to lower blood pressure and help with liver issues, arthritis, and muscular aches and pains.

The French have used lemon medicinally to help with anemia, disinfecting the air, asthma, colds, fever, gout, heartburn, intestinal parasites, rheumatism, throat infection, varicose veins, water purification, and more.

Lemon is commonly used today to support the body systems when dealing with anxiety, atherosclerosis, brain injury, cold sores, constipation, depression, dysentery, exhaustion, fever, flu, greasy/oily hair, heartburn, intestinal parasites, kidney stones, pancreatitis, postpartum depression, and stress.

In cleaning, lemon also works great as a furniture polish and for removing grease and gum.

Aromatically, lemon is said to promote health, healing, physical energy, and purification. It provides an invigorating, enhancing, and warming fragrance.

Lemon essential oil makes a great addition to many cooking recipes. It adds a wonderful citrus flavor to foods and beverages.

To learn more about lemon essential oil, please see the book Reference Guide for Essential Oils by Alan and Connie Higley.

Source: Reference Guide for Essential Oils, 2016 Edition, p. 90–91.

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