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Essential Oil Spotlight: Ginger

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Ginger essential oil is steam-distilled from rhizomes of the Zingiber officinale plant.

Historically, ginger has been an esteemed spice known to help the digestive system. Up to 4,ooo years ago, the ancient Greeks used it in gingerbread, Romans put it in their wine, and Egyptians used it in their cooking to ward off epidemics. In India and China, ginger was used in teas and tonics to aid digestion and the heart. Hawaiians made broad use of ginger, scenting their clothes, flavoring their food, and adding it to their shampoos and massage oils.

In addition to aiding digestive issues, ginger can be used to relieve motion sickness, nausea, fever, teething pains, tonsillitis, and vomiting. Ginger may also be helpful in treating arthritis, colds, impotence, muscular aches, and sore throats.

The sweet, spicy-woody, and fresh aroma of ginger may help influence physical energy, sex, love, money, and courage.

See the Reference Guide for Essential Oils to learn more about ginger essential oil and many other pure essential oils.

Source: Reference Guide for Essential Oils, 2016 Edition, pp. 79–80.

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