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First Snowfall Diffuser Blend

Winter often comes with mixed feelings. Sometimes it can be dreaded because it is associated with coldness and darkness. At the same time, winter often contains many wonderful memories of beautiful snowfalls, warm fires, holiday parties, and family and friends. Make the memory of the first snowfall last all winter long with this diffuser blend!

If you need a diffuser, take a look at these diffusers from Abundant Health.

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Autumn Diffuser Blend: Pumpkin Spice

Fill your home with the wonderful aromas of the autumn season with this fantastic diffuser blend! Need a diffuser? Check out the diffuser selection from Abundant Health!


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Essential Oil–Infused Potpourri

Enjoy the wonderful autumn and winter scents with this essential oil–infused potpourri! All you need to do is find some cute containers and fill them with potpourri ingredients. Add a few drops of essential oil to spruce up the scent, then enjoy for a couple weeks before recharging it with more essential oil!


This essential oil–infused potpourri makes a fantastic and simple gift for neighbors, friends, and coworkers this holiday season! Just attach a cute gift tag with ribbon or twine, and it’s good to go! If you would like to introduce your friends to essential oils, you may want to consider adding a small sample bottle of essential oil that they can use to “recharge” their own potpourri.

Don’t give all of them away though—you’ll want to keep a few to use yourself! We love placing these in the bathroom, the closet, the entryway, and many other places around the house. Try keeping a small container of this potpourri in your car as an easy car diffuser. You will love being welcomed with these aromas every time you get in your car!


Essential Oil–Infused Potpourri

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Print


  • Potpourri ingredients (such as cinnamon sticks, vanilla beans, dried apple slices, dried orange peels, bay leaves, candied ginger, whole nutmeg, whole cloves, whole allspice, cardamom seeds, and star anise)
  • Essential oils (such as cinnamon, orange, ginger, vetiver, clove, cardamom, or holiday-scented blend)
  • Salve Jars, Mason Jars, or PET Jars


  1. Cut up bigger items such as cinnamon sticks, vanilla beans, dried apple slices, bay leaves, candied ginger, etc. as needed to fit in your containers.
  2. Add 3–5 drops of desired essential oil(s) on top of the potpourri.
  3. To use, simply leave the lid off of the container to enjoy the delightful aromas! Add a few drops of essential oil every couple weeks or as needed. You can also put the ingredients in a pot full of simmering water to spread the smell throughout the house.

Note: To gift, make sure contents fit inside the container. Screw the lid on, and decorate with ribbon, twine, or a gift tag. You can even include a small sample bottle filled with essential oil so your gift recipients can recharge their potpourri.

We added a little bit of everything to our potpourri, along with some cinnamon, orange, and cardamom essential oil, and we loved the result. But feel free to get creative and use whatever you have on hand for this recipe! All of these ingredients complement each other, so you really can’t go wrong here.

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Cinnamon Orange Water Bead Diffuser

Water beads absorb water and scent really well, so they are great for making a fun DIY diffuser. We tried it out with an autumn scent, but you can really use any essential oil or blend you desire!


Cinnamon Orange Water Bead Diffuser

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Print


  • 1/2 Tbsp. dry water beads
  • 2 1/2–3 cups (600–720 ml) hot water
  • 10–20 drops essential oil (We used 8 drops each of orange and cinnamon.)
  • Mason Jar Mug with Straw Lid (Another glass vase or container will work, but you may need to make adjustments to the recipe in order to fill your container.)


  1. Place desired water beads in a large glass dish. We used about a 1/2 Tbsp. to fill our mason jar.
  2. Add hot water, and allow to sit for at least 6 hours until the beads are large.
  3. Strain out any excess water. Stir in essential oils.
  4. Pour water beads into the mason jar, and set your new diffuser anywhere you would like a refreshing scent!
  5. If you notice the beads drying out a little, just add a little bit of water to refresh them. You can also recharge the scent as needed by adding a few more drops of essential oil.

Note: If you have young children or pets who may try to eat the water beads, you can screw the lid on the mason jar. Make sure your lid has a hole or something to allow the scent to escape. If you get your mason jar from Abundant Health, it will come with a straw lid that already has a hole in it to allow the scent to be released.

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Good Night Diffuser Blend for Your Whisper Diffuser

Do you have a favorite diffuser? One of our favorite diffusers is the Whisper Premium Silent Misting Diffuser, and we want to tell you all about it!


State-of-the-Art Technology

The Whisper diffuser is an ultrasonic/humidifying diffuser that uses water and ultrasonic vibration (2.5 million vibrations per second) to break essential oils into tiny microparticles, dispersing the oil in a fine mist. This is important because these tiny particles are easily absorbed by the lungs to provide a therapeutic effect on the body, mind, and spirit.

The Whisper diffuser also uses a revolutionary, patented technology in which the water that is in the base with the ultrasonic disc is separate from the water that holds the essential oil. This makes it possible to diffuse even the thickest of essential oils (such as patchouli, sandalwood, and ylang ylang) that won’t work in many other diffusers. And because the oil never touches the moving parts, you don’t need to worry about your diffuser clogging or its parts gumming up. Its flexible liner, where the water and essential oil are held, extends the life of the diffuser by preventing contact of the oils and the ultrasonic vibrating disc. The cup is designed for continuous contact with oils, withstanding corrosion from even your strongest essential oils like lemon and cinnamon.

Another important fact is that this diffuser uses no heat. This is important because too much heat can chemically alter essential oils and lessen their therapeutic benefits. The Whisper diffuser uses cold tap water and the ultrasonic disc to create a cold, essential oil–laden mist.

The Whisper diffuser also comes with a 1-year warranty, so you can be confident that it will last a while or we will replace it.

Want to know more about ultrasonic/humidfying diffusion or the other diffusion methods? Read this article.

Quiet Diffusion

If you have ever used a diffuser before, you know that noise level (or lack thereof) can be a very important quality—especially when you want to diffuse at night while you are sleeping. You’ll be amazed at how quiet the Whisper diffuser is! Even sitting right next to it, all you will hear is the occasional soft sound of moving water (which has been shown to help promote relaxation anyway).


Cleanup is Quick and Easy!

Because the essential oils don’t come in contact with the ultrasonic disc, this diffuser doesn’t require a cleaning after every cycle like other humidifying diffusers. However, you will want to clean it every once in a while. To do so, just take a wet cloth (add a little vinegar if there are hard water deposits) and wipe all the parts. Dip a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol, and gently clean the ultrasonic disc in the base of the diffuser as well as the flexible liner cup. And . . . that’s it! Trust us, cleanup is a breeze!

Conserves Your Essential Oil

The Whisper diffuser is wonderful at conserving your expensive oils, because it doesn’t require much oil to diffuse it effectively. Just 2–6 drops of oil can fill a large room with aromatic goodness for hours!

Various Timer Settings and Automatic Shut-off Feature

One of the main reasons the Whisper diffuser is great for nighttime use is that it has timer settings that allow for diffusion all night long. The innovative two-way timer lets you continuously scent your environment for 50 minutes straight, or set an intermittent cycle (such as 15 seconds on, 30 seconds off) to make your oils last for as long as 9 hours. There are 6 timer settings so that you can better choose the length of the cycle.

An automatic shut-off feature activates when the water in the base reaches the minimum level, preventing damage to the internal mechanisms.

As an extra bonus, the Whisper diffuser automatically adjusts to input voltage (110–240 VAC, 47–63 Hz). So it will work almost anywhere in the world! (However, a plug adapter may be required outside the United States.)

Color Options

Are you ready to purchase your own Whisper Premium Silent Misting Diffuser yet? The decision-making isn’t over yet—you have 3 color options to choose from: Classic Silver, Blue Floral, or White.

Once you get your diffuser, try out this diffuser blend recipe to help promote relaxation and a sound sleep!



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Welcome Summer Diffuser Blend

Are you looking for a great oil blend to diffuse in your home or car this summer? Give this one a try! If you are lacking a diffuser, head over to abundanthealth4u.com to find just what you need.




Springtime Diffuser Blend

As spring approaches, we start to open our windows and let the fresh air in. Our moods improve as we experience more sunlight in our lives. This uplifting diffuser blend is the perfect complement to any spring day.

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Naturally Dyed Easter Egg Diffusers

We’ve had a lot of fun creating Easter egg decorations that incorporate essential oils, and we want to share some of our ideas with you.

First, we tried making a number of different natural dyes from vegetables, fruit juices, spices, etc. We also experimented with adding essential oils to these dyes, but we found that the smell wasn’t very strong once the eggs were finished. Many of the natural dyes turned out great though! As you dye your eggs, you can even make designs by using a white crayon, electrical tape, flowers, or leaves. To make a flower or leaf design, just get the flower or leaf wet, place it on the egg, wrap the egg and flower or leaf up together in a section of nylon, and tie closed before dying.

The dyes we used were from blueberries, red cabbage, beets, red onion skins, yellow onion skins, spinach, turmeric, paprika, cranberry juice, and grape juice. See the recipe below for how to make these dyes.


Next, we tried doing an essential oil transfer and transferred small images and text to some of the eggs by using orange essential oil. This worked great! You can find instructions for how to do this transfer in a previous post: Popsicle Stick Puzzles.
If doing this transfer on eggs, you can use colored ink (darker colors work best). Make sure to flip the image or text so it is readable once it has been applied. You will also want to keep your image or text between 1/2 inch to 2 inches for easy application. Honestly, it is a little tricky to get the image on the egg since the egg isn’t flat; but it can be done with a little pinching and cutting of the paper where the image and text don’t appear.

Lastly, we found that the best way to scent the eggs and turn them into diffusers was to simply mix a few drops of essential oil with a carrier oil (fractionated coconut oil, almond oil, and olive oil work well) and use the mixture to polish each egg. They smelled wonderful and looked shiny when finished!


Naturally Dyed Easter Egg Diffusers

  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Print


  • Eggs (You can either use hard-boiled eggs or empty eggshells; but if you are using hard-boiled eggs for decorations, don’t plan on eating them later.)
  • Flowers, leaves, white crayon, electrical tape, etc. for decorating the eggs (optional)
  • Dyes (see below for natural dye suggestions)
  • 1 Tbsp. carrier oil, such as Fractionated Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, or olive oil
  • 10 drops essential oil of choice (we used flower oils such as lavender, ylang ylang, geranium, clary sage, etc.)


  1. Blow out your eggs by cutting out a small hole (a little bigger than a straw) in the bottom of each egg with a pin. Put a straw into the hole, and blow air into it so the egg comes out. Save the eggs to cook with later. Wash out each egg with water, and let dry overnight. Note: You can also use hard-boiled eggs and skip this step if you don’t care about eating the eggs later. Hard-boiled eggs are a little easier to decorate because they aren’t as fragile.
  2. Once your egg shells are dry, carefully add any decorations, such as flowers or leaves. You can also add designs by drawing on the egg with a white crayon or carefully placing electrical tape where you don’t want dye to cover. Be very careful when decorating if you are using empty eggshells because they are quite fragile.
  3. Prepare your dyes. If using natural dyes, see instructions below for each color. You will want to prepare your dyes in glass or metal dishes because they may leave stains.
  4. Place your eggs in the natural dyes, and let them sit in the refrigerator overnight. Note: We prepared our dyes in glass bowls and cups and then transferred the dyes to disposable plastic cups to let the eggs sit overnight. By doing this, we were able to use less dye to completely cover each egg.
  5. Once the eggs are dyed, remove them from the dye, and allow the egg shells to dry.
  6. Mix together the carrier oil and essential oil. Use a paper towel to polish the eggs with the oil mixture. Just dip the paper towel in the oil, and rub the oil onto the dry egg shells.
  7. Place your egg decorations wherever you desire, and enjoy the aroma they diffuse. If the scent dies down after a few days, you can add more essential oil by mixing more carrier oil and essential oil together and re-polishing the eggs.

Natural Dye Solutions:

Blueberries (Blue-gray) – 1 cup frozen blueberries mixed with 1 cup water. Bring to room temperature, and then remove blueberries.
Red Cabbage (Bright blue) – Cut 1/4 head of red cabbage into chunks, and add it to 4 cups boiling water. Stir in 2 Tbsp. white vinegar. Let cool to room temperature, and then remove cabbage.
Beets (Purple) – Cut 1 medium beet into chunks, and add to 4 cups boiling water. Stir in 2 Tbsp. vinegar. Let cool to room temperature, and then remove beets.
Grape Juice (Lavender or stone gray) – Use 1 cup grape juice.
Spinach (Light green) – Add a large handful of spinach to 2 cups boiling water, and let simmer for 15 minutes; strain. Add 1 Tbsp. white vinegar.
Red Onion Skins (Tan) – Use skins from 6 red onions, and simmer in 2 cups of water for 15 minutes; strain. Add 1 Tbsp. vinegar.
Yellow Onion Skins (Orange) – Use skins from 6 yellow onions, and simmer in 2 cups of water for 15 minutes; strain. Add 1 Tbsp. vinegar.
Paprika (Light orange) – Stir 2 Tbsp. paprika into 2 cups boiling water. Add 1 Tbsp. vinegar.
Turmeric (Yellow) – Stir 2 Tbsp. turmeric into 2 cups boiling water. Add 1 Tbsp. vinegar.
Cranberry Juice (Off-white or pink) – Use 1 cup cranberry juice.

Note: We added vinegar to all of the dyes, but the vinegar seemed to mess up the cranberry juice, grape juice, and blueberry dyes. Our result was less color and more of a bubbly effect. Try it with or without 1 Tbsp. vinegar for 2 cups of dye, depending on the color and effect you want.

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Winter Wellness Diffuser Blend

Do you have the post holiday blues? Try this new diffuser blend; it’s sure to clear your head with its simple, peaceful aroma. Need a new diffuser? Click here to view our wide selection of diffusers to find the right one for you!


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Fall Diffuser Blend: Autumn Zest

You will fall in love with this blend of citrus and spice essential oils as you diffuse it this autumn season!
Need a diffuser? Get one here!