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Tools to Make an EO Life Easier: The Hole Punch

Today’s post in the series “Tools to Make an EO Life Easier” is about our Sample Vial Hole Punch.


This hole punch is the perfect size for attaching sample bottles (1/4 dram and 5/8 dram sizes) to any paper product.


If you have information about essential oils, you can use this hole punch to attach a sample vial to it and pass it along to someone who needs it. The hole punch works best with thicker paper, such as cardstock, photo paper, business cards, greeting cards, recipe cards, etc. You can even attach a sample bottle to a Mini Reference Card!


To assemble your sample cards, simply punch the card or paper you would like to share, and attach a ¼ dram or ⅝ dram sample vial through the hole by taking off the cap, sliding the neck of the vial through the hole, and putting the cap back on. For more accurate cuts, try using the hole punch upside down. It also has a lock on the bottom that accommodates for safe, stackable storage.

What would you attach a sample vial to?

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Tools to Make an EO Life Easier: Dropper Tops

Today’s post in the series “Tools to Make an EO Life Easier” is about dropper tops. This handy tool is often called many things like an eye dropper, glass pipette, dropper cap, glass tube with a rubber bulb, etc. We are going to refer to it as a dropper top.


Have you ever wondered how to get oil inside a capsule without oil dripping down the side and all over your fingers? Well, this dropper top is the way to go! Bonus hint: If you tend to take the same essential oil formula in capsules, then the simplest way to make up capsules is to create a custom blend in a new bottle with a dropper top. Fill half of the bottle with your customized essential oil blend; then fill the rest of the bottle with a carrier oil that can be ingested like olive oil. The carrier oil helps dilute the essential oils a little for easier digestion.

These handy dropper caps also make filling samples like the 1/4 dram and 5/8 dram sample bottles a breeze! Simply suction some oil up in the glass tube, and then release it into a sample vial for a mess-free filling.

Dropper tops are the EO cook’s best friend! Because essential oils are very potent, a small amount goes a long way, and sometimes that accidental 2nd drop can make a big difference. But, if you have dropper tops on your cooking oils (or get these cute little sample dropper bottles to take up less space), you can get the exact number of drops you need for your recipe. Also, as another bonus, the dropper top is easier to remove than the standard orifice reducer and cap when you need to just dip a toothpick into the oil bottle. Win-win!

We offer bottles with dropper tops in many different sizes as well as the dropper tops alone. This one fits a standard 15 ml bottle if you just want to replace your current bottle cap.

If you have old dropper tops, you can convert them into a neat diffuser like this Candlewick Room Diffuser.

What are ways you use a dropper top?

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Tools to Make an EO Life Easier: Funnels

Whenever we explain to a customer why we carry certain items, we tend to get a response similar to these:

  • “That’s a great idea!”
  • “Wow, that would make it easy!”
  • “I never would have thought of that!”

Because of these reactions, we thought we would write a few small posts and give some pointers on how some of our “random” items can be used with essential oils to make your life easier. Of course, these tools could have even more possibilities than the ones we list, so please let us know how you would use them!

So, today, let’s talk about funnels.

Have you ever wasted oil when you try to transfer it from your regular oil bottle to a sample vial? We offer a funnel that has a small opening (about 1/4″) at the bottom—small enough to fit in a 1/4 dram or 5/8 dram sample vial. So next time you are filling sample vials, use a funnel and be worry free.

Do you hate cleaning up the big mess you make when you try to transfer your liquified lip balm creation to the chapstick dispensers? Try a funnel for a mess-free transfer.

Are you tired of cleaning off the sides of your carrier oil (like olive oil, jojoba oil, or fractionated coconut oil) when you are filling a roll-on bottle? A funnel gives you a wider opening to pour into so you don’t have to be as careful when pouring.

A funnel can make many essential oil DIY projects like lotion, candlewick aromatherapy diffuser, hair detangler spray, garden spray, and lavender bubble bath a breeze to make.

What are some ways you would use this mini funnel?