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Hair Conditioning Leave-in Serum and Spray

Does your hair tend to get dry or brittle on cold winter days or hot summer days? Or maybe it just gets frizzy or staticky. This hair conditioning spray is fantastic for adding a little extra moisture when you need it.

This recipe has a 2-part formula: first, you create a serum base that can also be used straight for an overnight treatment; then you create the spray by combining a little of the serum with water in a spray bottle to give a little extra support to the ends of your hair.


According to the Reference Guide for Essential Oils, the essential oils in this recipe are often used to help with dry, fragile hair and may even help stimulate hair growth.

Hair Conditioning Serum and Spray

  • Difficulty: Easy
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  1. Pour fractionated coconut oil, sweet almond oil, glycerin, and essential oils into the 2 oz. plastic bottle. Shake to combine.
  2. Place 1 tsp. (5 ml) of the serum in the 2 oz. glass spray bottle. Add distilled water, screw the spray top on, and shake to combine.
  3. To use serum alone, squirt a little (about 1/4 tsp. or 1–2 ml) of the oil into the palm of your hand, and massage through your hair using your fingers. Work from the ends of your hair up to the roots. Leave on overnight (or at least for 15 minutes) before shampooing your hair. Cover your pillow with a towel to protect your pillowcase and sheets if needed. Apply 1–2 times a month or when your hair is feeling dry and brittle.
  4. To use Hair Conditioning Spray, shake well with each use, and spray hair (avoiding the roots) as needed.


Easy Citronella Candles

Summer and autumn evenings are a perfect time to get outdoors and enjoy time with family and friends, yet they are often accompanied by unwelcome visitors. To create a lovely ambiance and shoo away unwelcome mosquitoes and other bugs, try making this quick and easy citronella candle.


Quick & Easy Citronella Candle

  • Servings: Yield=1 candle
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Print

Ingredients & Supplies:

  • Mason jar
  • Water
  • Olive oil
  • Floating candle wick
  • 2–4 drops citronella essential oil


  1. Fill the mason jar 3/4 of the way full with water.
  2. Fill the remaining 1/4 of the jar with olive oil.
  3. Add 2–4 drops of citronella essential oil to the jar.
  4. Set a floating candle wick on top of the oil, light the candle, and set it outside where bugs are likely to linger.

Make as many candles as you’d like to create ambiance and repel bugs.


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8 Refreshing Summer Drinks with Essential Oils

Summer is the perfect time to sit outside and sip an ice-cold drink! If you’d like to incorporate the benefits and flavors of essential oils into your summer drinks, we have 8 perfectly delicious options for you to try!

As promised, here is the recipe for the 8th refreshing summer drink:

Delicious Strawberry Chamomile Grapefruit Juice

Chamomile Drink

Strawberry Chamomile Grapefruit Juice

  • Servings: 4–6
  • Difficulty: Easy
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  • 3/4 cup (180 ml) water
  • 1/3 cup (80 ml) honey
  • 2–3 drops Roman chamomile essential oil (you can substitute this with a citrus oil if desired)
  • Juice of 2 fresh grapefruits (about 12–16 oz.)
  • 1 lb. (450 g) fresh strawberries, sliced
  • Sparkling water
  • Crushed ice


  1. In a small saucepan, bring water and honey to boil and simmer for 1 minute. Remove from heat, and allow to cool. Once cool, stir in the essential oil.
  2. Divide sliced strawberries and grapefruit juice among 4–6 glasses. Using the back of a spoon, gently press the strawberries against the side of the glass to help release their juice.
  3. Add 2–4 Tbsp. (30–60 ml) of the chamomile-honey syrup to each glass and stir in.
  4. Fill the remainder of each glass with crushed ice and sparkling water.
  5. Taste, and add more chamomile-honey syrup if desired.
  6. For an even more enjoyable experience, try this drink with our Mason Jar Mugs and Stainless Steel Straws!

For the pinners:

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Welcome Summer Diffuser Blend

Are you looking for a great oil blend to diffuse in your home or car this summer? Give this one a try! If you are lacking a diffuser, head over to abundanthealth4u.com to find just what you need.



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Raspberry Mint Iced Tea

Beat the heat during the final days of summer with this delicious iced tea.


Raspberry Mint Iced Tea

  • Servings: 8
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Print


  • 1 Tbsp. honey
  • 1 bunch of mint leaves (set aside a few sprigs)
  • 4 raspberry herbal tea bags
  • 8 cups boiling water
  • 1 drop peppermint essential oil
  • 1 cup fresh raspberries


  1. Add honey, mint, and raspberry tea bags to the boiling water.
  2. Steep the tea bags for 3–5 minutes; then remove.
  3. Put tea in the refrigerator for 3–5 hours until cold.
  4. Remove from fridge, and add essential oil.
  5. Add raspberries to cups.
  6. Pour tea over the raspberries.
  7. Garnish with mint leaves.
  8. Enjoy!

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Cherry Lemonade with Lemon Essential Oil


Enjoy this refreshing twist on the standard lemonade as you relish in the summer sunshine!


Cherry Lemonade with Lemon Essential Oil

  • Servings: 8–12
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Print


  • 2/3 c. blue agave
  • 4 drops lemon essential oil
  • 4 large lemons
  • 1 two liter bottle of sparkling cherry soda
  • 4 cups water


  1. In a gallon pitcher, combine agave, lemon essential oil, juice of lemons, and sparkling cherry soda.
  2. Stir. Then add water to fill the pitcher.
  3. Chill in the refrigerator. Serve over ice.

Source: http://blog.youngliving.com/summer-recipes-with-essential-oils/#.UZ5eL0rFySd