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Ornament Gift Containers

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Give a gift in a unique way this holiday season with these fun gift-box ornaments! These are great for giving small gifts or treats to neighbors or for giving away samples of your favorite holiday essential oils!

Ornament Gift Containers


  • Plastic Salve Containers: These are the main part of the ornament and conceal the gift hidden inside. You can use any size container, depending on what you want to put inside. The 1 oz. Salve Jar is pictured above.
  • Narrow 1/4″ Wide Ribbon: This is used to create the loop that you hang the ornament from. You will need a length between 6″ and 10″. You can also substitute yarn or thick string.
  • Wider (3/4″–1″ Wide) Ribbon or Decorative Paper Strips: These are used for decorating the container.
  • Dril and 1/8″ bit: These are used to create a hole in the lid.
  • Glue or Tape: This is used to hold the ribbon and/or paper strips in place.


  1. Unscrew the lid from the salve container. Using the drill and bit, drill a 1/8″ diameter hole in the center of the lid.
  2. Cut a length of narrow ribbon (or string or yarn) to 6–10 inches in length. Pass both ends of the string through the top of the hole in the lid and out the bottom of the hole. Tie a knot with both ends on the bottom side of the lid so the knot blocks the ends of the ribbon from passing back through the hole. If desired, glue or tape the ends of the ribbon to the bottom side of the lid. Screw the lid back onto the container.
  3. Cut a length of ribbon or a decorative paper strip so it wraps around the container. Use glue or tape to attach the ribbon or strip to the bottom part (base) of the container (do not attach it to the lid). Add any other decorations as desired.
  4. Your gift ornament is now ready to fill with your desired gift or treat! Simply unscrew the lid, place the gift or treat inside, and re-fasten the lid to the container. If desired, attach a gift-tag to the ornament.
  5. Some fun ideas for aromatherapy gifts you can place inside this container include the following:

Extra Ideas:

Create 12 or 25 of these ornaments, and attach labels or papers with a number on each ornament to create a fun activity advent calendar for kids. Include small items representing activities to do or strips of paper with titles of Christmas books to read each day.

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